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The Importance of Colour Coordination in the Signage

The Importance of Colour Coordination in the Signage

Signage has been an important element for all of us because it delivers messages across people through boards. You cannot tell each and everyone all the messages. For example, road safety, not everyone remembered all the meaning behind the sign and also the road�s condition must be informed only through the road signage while the drivers, riders and pedestrians use the road. With the speed limit of road use, most of us only can take a glance at the road and drive off, thus with the glance we should have absorbed all the information. You must be asking me, how is that possible? Well, it is possible if you use the right colour on your signboard. Yes, today we are going to talk about the importance of colour coordination the signage. If you own a phone shop, you need a proper signage as well.

First of all, understand the colour phraseology because of using that only you can come up with beautiful signage that looks pleasing to others eyes. You cannot use the same striking colour into one board because it could ruin everything that you want to convey because the wrong combination of colour will hurt one’s eyes and they might not bother to read the stated message.

Next, the colour contrast makes people easily capture the messages. In my previous article, I have mentioned how important the contrast colour is for the signage. Again, I would like to emphasise that contrast colour must be utilised through for the signage. However, every pro has a con which is finding the neutral balance of contrast colour in the signage. Your signage should be overboard with contrast colour! It should hurt the readers and viewers. One way to achieve this by using the right amount of warm and cold colour into one signage. Good signage design is very important.

With the understanding of colour terms and use of colour contrast, the balance could be achieved in the signage. Therefore, you should contact a signage supplier in Malaysia to get it done.

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