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6 Ways to Make Her Happy

These six actions will show your lady how much you care about her and she will love you back. That’s a relationship. Your woman will be pleased, and so will you

20 Little Things To Make Your Girlfriend Happy, Really Happy!

• Affirm everyday. Tell her she looks wonderful going to work. Send her away with a kiss and a love note. Let people know you’re proud of her. Praise her for cooking your favorite foods. Embrace her in public. Gently escort her. Bring her a drink. Surprise her with a pretty dress which you can buy from any online dresses Malaysia store. Above all, tell and show her you adore her.

• Make her laugh. One of the greatest aspects of a relationship is simply enjoying each other’s company. Relive uncomfortable dating experiences. Or the first time you humiliated someone else. Who says playtime stops when you grow up? Laugh and bond. Enjoy the moments that will strengthen your connection.

• Ask her what she wants to do on those important days of the year. But don’t leave it open-ended. Ask her to pick from A, B, or C. as in, “Hey honey, it’s almost time. If you like, I can pack a picnic and we can walk that path we’ve been talking about, or I can arrange up a spa day for us and we can have massages because I know you like them.” You set the date. This indicates you’ve taken the time to 1) discover her hobbies and 2) arrange something unique for her.

• Pay her close attention. Women thrive for attention. We like it! We simply want to share a humorous work experience or something we learnt. Even if you have to say, “Is it okay if we take a break? I need to finish watching this game before I can listen.” Most ladies would agree. Undeniably, we would state the urgency of the issue. Maybe she’d like a different sort of attention. Purchase vibrator and give her the attention she needs.

Own your mistakes. Recognize that your words or actions harm her. A simple verbal or written declaration will suffice. It must be true. It should also be done in privacy so there is no distraction and time for discussion. Include ideas on how you can both prevent a repeat of the incident. This indicates you’ve thought about it. Maybe you can mutually agree that she does this and you do that, reducing future anger and frustration.

• Help her when you notice her in need. You are her best friend. You realize she’s not herself; she’s anxious and ready to react. Women are often overwhelmed by their mental “to do” lists. Instead of absorbing the tension, gently tell her that you’re available to assist and ask her to select the top two things you can accomplish. After folding the clothes and preparing the kids’ lunches, return to her and say you’re ready for the next job. You’ll be trusted by her.

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