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Benefits of Using a Nursing Pillow

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You are in for the experience of a lifetime if you are a new mother! Your existence will suddenly centre around these words: sleepless nights, poopy diapers, colic, reflux. Don’t forget to breastfeed as well! For your newborn, breast milk is like manna from paradise. However, nursing is not an easy task. Numerous elements might make the routine task of feeding your child into a nightmare. Some of them are as follows: Bad latch, insufficient supply, poor posture, cracked nipples, thrush, back pain, and mastitis are all contributing factors.

Therefore, it would be best if mothers start using nursing pillows when feeding their babies. You can purchase these at nursing pillow online Malaysia.

  • Pregnancies are Made Easier

Yes, you can begin using a nursing pillow prior to delivery. Simply use it as a back support to lessen the discomfort of your last trimester of pregnancy.

  • Babies Would Have a Good Latch

The pillow’s main purpose is to bring your infant close to your body. This is crucial if you want your baby to develop a strong latch. A healthy latch results in pain-free feedings.

  • Healing from a C-section

If you are recovering from a c-section, a breastfeeding cushion can be a terrific option. It shields the wound and promotes quicker healing. Additionally, you don’t need to hold your kid with as much strength.

  • Reflux Relief

Infants frequently have colic and reflux. These issues may worsen if you feed your infant without providing her with the correct support. A feeding pillow can support the infant while preventing reflux, colic, and other digestive issues.

  • Supports Both Mother and Baby

A fun fact: the original purpose of feeding pillows was to encourage infants to sit up! You can use your feeding pillow as a support when your baby is prepared (between 4-6 months of age) and introduce him to the joys of sitting up.

  • Improve Muscle Strength 

Your infant can be placed on the pillow with her stomach up. She will be inspired to utilise her arms and legs more as a result, building up her muscles.

Although they are not necessary for everyone, nursing pillows do aid in positioning the infant. The cushions’ purpose is to make supporting your arms, neck, and back easier. Finding a breastfeeding pillow that is comfortable for both you and your child depends on your unique preferences.

O-shaped breastfeeding pillows are simple to use and offer a supple, cosy support. Additionally, they make excellent supportive cushions for your infant to sit and rest on their bellies.

How Long Should You Use a Nursing Pillow?

Even while babies between the ages of two and three months old can elevate their heads for brief periods of time, they are rapidly worn out. Which can be dangerous depending on the position of the baby to begin with or when they tire out. Most babies between the ages of 4 and 6 months are more resilient, and they tolerate utilising the nursing cushion for tummy time better. There is no need to use this pillow once your baby starts to creep or crawl.

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