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Getting To Know Ourselves Better – How To Do It

All of us are inclined to prioritise the others before doing so for ourselves and is a fairly commonplace habit. Rather than fulfilling our own needs and demands, we provide others with what they require first. Subsequently, chances are that we are far from deciphering who we actually are as an individual, this includes our genuine feelings, point of view, values, learning styles, so on and so forth. We are constantly surrounded by people, thus hindering our very own self-expression. 

It is significant that we dig down into our cores and understand the person we truly are rather than following the footsteps of others. Our closest family members, relatives, and friends may advise us with what is good and bad, but at the end of the day, we must listen to ourselves. Bear in mind that people speak based on what they believe, which varies across different individuals; what they believe to be true may contradict with that of ours. 

Here Are Some Steps To Ease Self-Discovery : 

Take A Break Of People 

This does not necessarily mean you cut off connections with people you love, but rather, you take a temporary break from hanging out with them just to listen to what your heart and mind desire. When we are surrounded by crowds, it is hard for us to follow our aspirations as we are inclined to stick to the majority’s opinion. To put this into perspective, you may think you have feelings for this one person but in point of fact, it is not true whatsoever. Our environment conditions us into behaving certain ways we have little to no intention of. To know what you truly are fond of, go back to your little hermit and reflect, the truth is that you might discover something in which you were clueless about yourselves previously. 

Talk To A Really Close Friend

If you prefer expressing your thoughts to somebody, invite a close friend over and initiate a quality conversation with them. You may talk to them about any kind of topics, even those you tend to shy away from, such as the use of sex toys, or in the malaysian language we refer alat bantu seks. Talk to them about how you feel and what you have been through. This can be beneficial as this friend of yours may offer you opinions from an entirely different angle. Listening to ourselves may be paramount, but sometimes we tend to get too overwhelmed and sturned with our stance to the point where we disregard the downsides of it. Having a close friend to ensure we are on the correct path is very much needed. 

Bottom Line 

Always evaluate the events you have participated in and question yourselves whether those were really what you intended of getting yourselves involved in. Otherwise, pick another path. 

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