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Self-Ordering Systems In Restaurants, Why Are They Beneficial?

The advancement of technology has always been intriguing. Even with new gadgets being invented every other day, people are still surprised when they are introduced to society.

Recently, electronic kiosks (E-Kiosk) have been all the rage. You’ve seen them in malls, restaurants, fast food chains, and public areas such as zoos and art galleries. These e-kiosks are systems that have been placed to make everyone’s lives easier. 

However, these e-kiosks are more prevalent in restaurants and fast-food chains. They are installed by the owners and managers to facilitate staff and customers in obtaining their foods. These e-kiosks are known as self-ordering systems that allow customers to self-service themselves. 

E-Kiosks display the menu and its prices. Customers can search for the food items and filter through them one by one. After choosing the desired items, the sub-total will be presented to the customers. If they feel that it exceeds their budget, they can always deduct the items with ease. Finally, after the bill is paid, they can collect their orders at a designated area. All of these actions are conducted without the presence of the server or cashier. 

restaurant self-ordering system in Malaysia

Now, that’s just the gist of it. There are a few other reasons why these e-kiosks are beneficial to restaurants, cafes, and fast-food chains. 

Ordering time is reduced

Usually, when you order at a restaurant, there’s either a long queue or a long waiting time. Especially if you order food during lunch hour, or during dinner, where the business is at its peak. The servers and waiters are most likely too busy to take and place your orders during this time. So, installing a self-ordering kiosk would help overcome this issue.

Customers are provided with the menu through the e-kiosks and can place their orders simultaneously. After a quick payment, they will be able to obtain their intended food items after a few minutes. The total service time is reduced, and there are no delays that are usually caused by human error. 

restaurant self-ordering system in Malaysia

Order accuracy is ensured

Talking about human errors, it is normal for the human species to make simple mistakes because we are not perfectly made. Although waiters are trained to carry out these tasks, there is still a margin for error. As a customer yourself, you have probably received wrong orders before. 

Installing e-kiosks at these stations would ultimately help both the customers and the staff alike. Customers will be able to place their orders at their own pace, and they can double-check their orders as well. E-kiosks also help with order customization. If you are allergic to certain ingredients such as peanuts, or strawberries, you can always state that you would not like them in your desired dish. 

These two benefits are essential in acquiring a high rating from customers. Since the service time is quick and fewer problems are created, the customer will leave satisfied with their experience. This will allow them to spread the word and maybe even come again. So, if you are looking for a restaurant self-ordering system in Malaysia, you can check out Xyreon. This company provides all types of services such as digital signage and e-kiosks for your business. 


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