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Some Myths about Online Education

So, you are now ready for your college education? Now that there are so many threats in the world, do you think online learning is a better option? Yes, college for graduation SPM, should be a little bit risky right now and it is just a good thing, there is an online alternative. In fact, even if you are planning to take a diploma course, you will still find courses offered at home like diploma pengurusan pejabat.

But, before processing your online learning application, you might want to check some of the myths about this system first. Check this out:

  • You have to learn on your own 

Though this is not a face to face learning system, it does not mean that your instructor will just leave you alone and won’t be there for you. Yes, hearing that you will just be left alone to learn about the lessons is simply a myth. As a matter of fact, if you think about it, an online instructor will have even more time to attend to you considering he can do it no matter where he will be. 

  • There is no interaction with classmates

This is another hearsay as just like when you can make a video call with someone you know, you can do the same thing in online classes. There are now a lot of mediums where a teacher can make a conference call, thus if the teacher needs his students to interact with one another like maybe a team project and so on, that is quite possible online. 

  • Teachers are faceless

Yes, some students think that they don’t have means in contacting the teacher outside the conventional schedule, which is the case offline. In a brick and mortar learning system, a student can visit a teacher in his office every time the need arises, and they feel that this will not be the case in digital learning. However, it is still the same situation though in a different way. Yes, you can still interact with your instructor every time you feel the need to and that is through his social network account, email, phone number and so on. In fact, this is even better as even when he is home, there is a chance you will still be able to connect to him which is obviously not the case offline. You will think twice if you will contact your teacher during off hours. 

  • You can’t develop networks

At one look, this might be the case. However, considering that a lot of married couples started in online chats, you can say that this is really possible. You don’t need to physically hangout just to build a relationship. 

Yes, these are just some of the myths when it comes to online learning. But just as they are just myths, there are other better scenarios. So, if you plan to take an online diploma study, you should not be disheartened by these myths and instead, you should try learning more about the said system. 

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