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The history of communication and the creation of social media

Up to this day, the number of users of social media has been increasing rapidly day by day. Social media has been one of the biggest phenomena that have ever happened to people on this Earth. This is because social media has created a big influence on people, especially teenagers. Social media has many different functions that are very useful to people who are sharing information or content, communicating with other people, business marketing, and many more. If you want to learn more about social media marketing, make sure to discover social media and marketing in Malaysia. We all have known about how social media works and what it uses for. But, do we know about how social media started and what is the history behind it. Let’s check it out together. 

Around the late 18th century, the only communication medium that was being used to communicate with each other was the telegraph. The telegraph is a communication device that is used to send a message by transmitting the information into a Morse code. This device is the only medium that is available to be used for long distance communication at that time. Before the telegraph was invented, people used to send letters to each other which usually took a long time for the letter to arrive at the receiver. It is because the letters were sent by a sender that is riding a horse. So, imagine if the location of the receiver is very far away like the other side of the country. It would take a few days for the letters to be sent to the receiver. 

Then in around the 19th century, another communication device was invented which is the telephone. The telephone was created by Alexander Graham Bell. The telephone is created by the concept of the telegraph. Since the telegraph is used by sending the Morse to other people, Alexander tries to create a telecommunication device that is much easier to use and can be used by our own voice. The telephone has a wider range which can be used to communicate with people that are really far away instantaneously. This invention really helps people to communicate with other people without minding the distance at that time. check out this link to find out the disadvantages of commercial website.

Now, the technology that we have is far more advanced than the one that is available back in the days before. In today’s era, the Internet has been discovered which has further diversified ways to communicate with other people and there is no limit to the range between each person. In short, communication nowadays has the ability to reach all people around the world. For example, the creation of social media where people from across the world can get connected and communicate with each other from there. Other than that, it also can be used for business purposes. So, if you want to use social media for your business, you can go to famous social marketing services malaysia where you can learn how to start social marketing services malaysia.

In conclusion, the way of communication sure has changed a lot throughout these centuries. If we look into a few years back, there is a huge difference in how people communicate at that time. Luckily, many discoveries have been made to improve the ways of communication. Now, it is so easy to communicate with each other even if the distance between us is far away.

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Katak Comel