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The Most Danger Virus In The World

Even before the Corona COVID-19 virus spread around the planet, humans had been battling diseases for a very long time. There are already vaccinations and medications available to treat the infection in some viral diseases, preventing the spread of the disease. However, there are still some viral diseases for which vaccines have not yet been developed, such as HIV.

We are currently witnessing the Coronavirus, one of several viruses that have been transmitted from animals to humans in the past few decades and caused widespread epidemics that claimed many lives. Additionally, there are a few viruses that have been widespread around the world. Some of them are quoted from Live Science:

  • Hantavirus

When a young Navajo man died a few days after experiencing breathlessness in the Four Corners region of the United States in 1993, the virus had already been identified. Health officials found a hantavirus from a deer mouse living in one of the afflicted people’s homes many months later. The HPV virus infects more than 600 persons in the US, and 36% of them pass away.

  • Flu virus in Spain

In 1918, a disease outbreak started that resulted in the deaths of nearly 50 million people. This virus and COVID-19 are similar in that they both cause death, have influenza-like symptoms, and spread quickly. Because so many troops perished from this virus, the Spanish flu epidemic was also one of the reasons why the First World War ended in peace.

  • Malaria Virus / Dengue Virus

In the Philippines and Thailand in the 1950s, this virus first surfaced. The virus has since spread to every tropical and subtropical area of the globe. The dengue virus itself, which results in dengue illness, is spread by mosquitoes. If untreated, it is said that this virus has a 20% death rate.

  • Malaria virus

The Marburg virus was discovered by scientists in 1967. The outbreak started when many German laboratory employees contracted the Ugandan macaque virus. Because both the Marburg and Ebola viruses can cause organ damage, dengue fever, and even death, they are similar in this regard.

  • HIV

HIV is one of the most deadly viruses in the modern era and is known as the “Biggest Killer.” In reality, this virus has been known about since the 1980s. The infectious disease that claims the most number of lives is HIV, according to Amesh Adalja, MD, an infectious disease specialist and spokesman for the Infectious Diseases Society of America. It is estimated that 32 million people have died since the virus was first discovered.

  • Ebola Virus

Ebola outbreaks have been detected since 1976. The virus is spread through contact with blood or other body fluids, including infected animals. A person infected with this virus has symptoms similar to dengue fever.

How about a virus that already exists in this world? think not. That’s why the world still needs doctors who are competent in dealing with various kinds of diseases and viruses. Thus studying science becomes one of the successful jobs in the future, for that please check the pre-university science courses in Malaysia.

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Katak Comel