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Why Being Ultra Rich Is Miserable

Through online banking services Malaysia, you can access and monitor your savings. Watch it grow in a big pile as your salary increases thanks to your good work. Watch that pile disappear into half of its original amount when you next pay for your monthly expenses.

That pile is never full to the brim, yet you always have enough to at least live a comfortable, satisfying life and avoid poverty. Now imagine if you are a billionaire and the pile keeps growing, no matter how much you spend. You can get the best services, accommodations, food and so on with all the money in the world, but is your life really that satisfying, now that you have everything you could ever want?

It is never enough

There will never be enough for the likes of you. The grind moves on and so far, there is no door to escape to. When you have more than your usual budget to meet your needs, the extra numbers will fuel you to buy your wants since you can finally afford them. This starts a vicious cycle of you’ve been there, done that, and been left in a limbo because you don’t know what else you can do.

You move on to bigger, more exciting things, and no matter how long the excitement lasts, eventually it will wear out and you will suffer a burnout. Though it is at your reach, you push it away and still want something new. Everything that you find satisfying will lose their charm as you do the same things over and over.

This case is called the “threadmill effect”, and it is where you think material things will make you happy and you keep spending with no sweat. But it does the opposite instead. Just having this and that won’t make you happy, instead it is what you really love and your valuable experiences that fulfills this happiness.

You don’t have a powerful computer, yet you can still be happy with your eight years old laptop because you already have access to the Internet and still browse a ton of stuff to make you laugh, cry, confused, wholesome, et cetera. That is true satisfaction. So long as you have everything to fulfill your needs comfortably, you are already rich on your own terms without living like a millionaire.

Isolated from the masses

online banking services Malaysia is lonely

Even with a circle of other ultra rich friends or family, you are still mostly isolated from the rest of your people. Not in a literal sense where you cage yourself from society, but you feel rather distant. The high status you obtained makes you feel competitive and selfish, thus you feel indifferent to others below and around you.

Your ever growing money also means that you don’t really have to rely on people so much as you did when you weren’t that rich in your previous phase in life.

Besides, because you practically achieve this level of wealth on your own, you may also feel so egotistical that because of your accomplishments, you think your own opinions matter more than others, and that everything you say is the truth. 

It isn’t an exaggeration that there are people criticizing the ultra rich as “out of touch” because they are so deluded in their own fantasies that they end up contributing themselves to further isolation from most of the public.

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