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Foods That Are Good For Your Skin

Having a healthy diet is important for us, not only for our physical health but also for our organ health. Not having a healthy diet can affect our organs like our heart, kidney, and liver. We do not want to spend our lives eating medicine for fatty liver in Malaysia. Other than that, eating nutritious food is also important for our skin health. We can have the most expensive skincare and put on tons of sunscreen but if we are not taking care of our food intake it will still affect our skin. 

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Everybody wants to achieve that natural glowing healthy skin and to achieve that we need to feed our body with healthy food. These are some of the foods that we can increase the intake of it, to make our skin healthier and glowing. 

  1. Avocados 

Avocados are one of the fruits that have the most high level of healthy fats. Don’t be afraid when you read or hear the word fats. We do need a certain amount of fat in our body for many reasons and one of them is that it will give moisture to our skin. Besides that, studies have shown that eating avocado can help to prevent UV light from hitting your skin. We all know that UV light can do a lot of damage to our skin like it can make our skin more wrinkly and have more dark spots. So, eat those avocado toast every morning if you want to have moisturized skin. 

  1. Bell peppers 

Not only do these veggies taste good but they have many benefits in them. Bell peppers have a high level of Vitamin A and vitamin A is extremely good and needed for our skin. Other than that, they also have vitamin C which is the main source that we need to make collagen and we all know that collagen is good for our skin. It will make our skin look plumper and stronger. 

  1. Broccoli 

If you are someone that is not the biggest fan of green veggies, well now is the time for you to start eating them. Broccoli has proven to have many necessary vitamins and minerals for our body and skin. One of the nutrients from these green veggies is zinc. This nutrient is not something that we can get from any type of skin product, it’s being created naturally by our body from the foods that we consumed. Brocolli also has a nutrient that is called sulforaphane and this nutrient can protect our body from cancer cells like skin cancer.  

  1. Dark chocolate 

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Not only do they taste good but they also have many benefits to our skin. Eating a certain amount of dark chocolate will make our skin create a high antioxidants level that will make our skin look healthier and hydrated. So, don’t feel bad and eat that chocolate in your fridge. 

What we eat will affect our body and skin, so choose your ingredients carefully and enjoy your food. 


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