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How Data Loss Ruins Businesses

Data loss can happen to anyone. Having no proper system like the top server backup software Malaysia is like wandering around the digital age blindfolded. We are aware of all the risks that are pertained to data loss. The consequences are irreversible for many data loss situations. Risking our personal life, work-life, and even business without proper data backup is far too risky for your own good. 

Sure, data loss prevention can get expensive. But for businesses, having data protection and backup is invaluable no matter what the cost. Facing a data loss crisis can have so many consequences for a business. While in our personal life we may be dealing with the loss of our pretty pictures, for a business it is about losing all of their hard work.

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Data loss knows no human or business. It can happen to anything or anyone. It also comes with no warnings or “symptoms”. And worst of all, its consequences are long-term. There are some notable businesses that were struck with major data breaches and losses. To name a few, we have LinkedIn where there are millions of professional networkers and Ali baba with more than 1 billion users from around the world. The data breach did not only impact the businesses but also the users of the business’s service. What were the consequences they had to face as a result? 

A Dive To The Reputation 

The reputation takes the biggest hit when a business faces a major data loss and breach. News travels fast in the digital landscape and we are quick to see the effect of the result. Businesses can lose millions of dollars in matters of hours, simply because of news. Whether it is true or not, the word of mouth carries power on digital media. 

Disruption To The Operation 

More often than not, data is how we run business. Without it we are facing major disturbances in our operations as well as the level of productivity. Our data includes, details of our customers, operation information, integration between teams and the list goes on. A weakness even in one point of data can cause a major downturn in the operations. Thereby destroying the productivity of the team. IF the data loss occurred even in one team, the effect is unfirm for the entire business. A data loss in products development is a loss for marketing and the supply chain as well. 

Lose The Trust Of Your customers

Unfortunately, with data loss we are losing our credibility, reliability as well as the years of trust and relationships built with our customers. Customers trust the businesses and the brands to fully guard their confidential details.  We often skip on the terms and conditions and jump to trusting well-branded businesses. But if a well brand business takes a hit to their database, it immediately changes our perception of the business. Brand image and recognition is greatly deteriorated as negative brand associations increase with the data loss. No one wants to be the business that is branded as unreliable for their customers. 


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