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How To Be Safe At A Construction Site?

There are some people out there, that work in dangerous places every day and they need to take a lot of precautions for their own safety compared to someone that works in a safe environment like offices. One of the dangerous workplaces is a construction site, this is because there are many raw materials like steel, cement, and glass. There are a lot of construction and building materials in Malaysia at construction places that is why it is important for you to be safe. 

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Here are some safety tips on how to be safe at a construction site, that you need to follow for your own safety. 

  1. Correct attire 

Not like working at an office, when you are at the construction site there are attire protocols that you need to follow. Some of the protocols are by wearing a hard hat, safety boot, and a hi-viz vest. All of these attire protocols are made so that people can be safe sound the construction site that has a lot of dangerous materials like brick and sometimes it can get slippery at the construction site, especially after a rainy day.

  1. Listen to the induction

Even if you have heard the induction a hundred times, you still need to pay attention and listen to the induction carefully every morning before you start working at the construction site. This is because during the induction your authority will tell you all of the safety regulations, what to do, what not to do, who to contact when anything happened and etc. sometimes, a new protocol will be introduced during the induction. That is why you need to pay attention and listen closely. 

  1. A clean and safe workspace 

There is no doubt that at the construction site there will be many things and sometimes it can get messy. However, you still need to keep your working space tidy because sometimes an accident can happen because of a messy workspace. An unfortunate accident like tripping or slipping usually happens when cable wires are not being put nicely. You also need to make sure that there is no materials or machine that obstruct the pathway. 

  1. Do not play around 

A construction site is definitely not the place for you to play or fool around. Even if you are working with your friends it is still important for you to be professional and be safe. Because sometimes, when we are playing around it can lead to accidents that can cause their safety or their life. So be safe and cautious, for you and other’s safety. 

  1. Follow the rules and regulations 

Every construction site has their own rules and regulation that is made to keep you safe while working. It is important for you to be aware and follow all of the rules and regulation that has been set up for all of the workers. All of the rules and regulations are made to keep you safe while working and avoid any unfortunate incidents from happening.

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