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Internet At Its Best With 300mbps Unifi

The connection problem you are experiencing may be due to the fact that there is interference on the network from other devices or networks using the same frequency. We all have heavy use of social media sometimes. Even in a household of only four people, it is easy to reach about twenty transmitting devices. A Signal-to-Noise (SR / N) ratio heat map provides a visual representation of your signal strength in your space taking into account the noise that other tech and gadgets produce. You will see the critical areas in red. Depending on your diagnosis, you can choose to strengthen your signal or move other devices away. In such cases, moving to the 300mbps Unifi service is the best choice.

300mbps unifi

Each channel is the same but some are used more than others. Let’s say you live in a building

If everyone leaves their box on the default channel, your speed is likely to suffer. A large majority of routers and devices such as mobile phones, baby monitors use the same channel on the 2.4ghz frequency. We advise you to change the channel that your box uses by comparing the efficiency of each or to put it in an automatic channel. In this case, your router will only select the optimal channel among the 13 channels, the one with the least interference. If your router is modern, it can transmit on the 5ghz frequency. Keep in mind that if you change the transmit frequency from 2.4ghz to 5ghz, the range of the frequency will be less. If you are looking to power a meeting room this will not be a problem however if the rooms you are looking to cover are far apart this may not be suitable.

Another solution is to limit environmental noise and to move disruptive devices away or get rid of them. Using the heat map will allow you to identify where the most problematic waves are coming from.

Update your devices

Be sure to use the latest versions of search engines and other software on your various devices. In general, the more recent the version, the more performance will be optimized.


Each device on your network (router, computer, smartphone, etc.) has a network card managed by the software of a driver. Updating this software and components will give you better compatibility and better results. This may require opening your machine to change some items. If you are not comfortable with the process, bring a professional to accompany you.


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