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Marine services sytems in Malaysia

One of the many important transportation systems the marine is one of the important systems where it will be useful to transporting or shipping products or things. The marine service system consists of many services which includes repair, testing ,logistics, the transportations services of ships, oil tankers and boats. 

In terms of logistics, the marine system provides freight hauler which means the transportations of materials from one place to another which can be related to companies and individuals. As for repair, the marines system is responsible for emergency repairs and time to time maintenance. 

The lay up system is part of the marine system which refers to the boat/ships (vessels) that are inactive or temporarily not moving usually because of the goods to be transported to another place. Lay up of vessels need proper step by step approaches as the lay up system includes certain costs to be paid. The usual lay up steps consist of agreements, pre=arrival check, deactivation lay up services and reactivation of the vessels.

lay up vessel service Malaysia

In relation to that, Altus, a marine solution in Malaysia provides a lay up approach with few more inclusions. There are three approaches provided by them. 

  1. Choosing the temperature – They will decide on the mode of your vessels on whether it should be Hot Lay Up or Cold lay up.
  2. Appropriate location – The marine solution will set a suitable location for the vessel to be idle as the transportation of the current place of the vessel to the location to be idle will affect the cost benefits.
  3. Provide the best lay-up scopes- The best lay -up scope will come with asset integrity , cost details and benefits. 

There are a number of services given by the Altus marine solution for the lay up. Some of them are providing towing tug for vessels and suitable rig mobilization. 24 hours communication system through radio to their control tower is also one of their major services. 24/7 security system maintenance any more service has been proved by the Altus Marine solution for the lay up systems of the vessels.

Vessel services and maintenance is vital to sustain the quality of the vessels for them to carry cargo without any repair in future. More importantly, maintenance is needed for the vessels that are laid up. According to the Altus Marine solution, the vessels that are inactive (lay-up) for a long time can be exposed to several conditions such as increase of corrosion and fractures in layers of woods on the vessels.

In order to prevent the above conditions, Altus supplies preservation routines and  constant ,time to time, visits to scrutinize the condition of the vessels, providing a reactivation process that includes steel works , insurance checking. In terms of security, they make sure every utensil and the spare parts are safe and prevent them from getting stolen. They also provide the cost evaluation for their work. 

The Altus also proving the mentioned services or inspections with their own expertise which includes

  1. Testing of pressure
  2. Carrying the unit of the cargos
  3. Inspection of materials

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