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Tips For Choosing Lab Cabinet

Storage for high-security items In the event of a fire, spill, or contamination, cabinets are the first line of defense. As the name implies, these cabinets safely store hazardous chemicals, corrosives, and flammables. Indeed, there are numerous regulations that govern safe storage. Storage cabinets are an EPA-compliant and safe way to store potentially hazardous chemicals. Such substances include pesticides, flammables, corrosives, and combustibles. Let us go through the tips to choose ppe cabinet Malaysia for your lab.

Identify What Your Storage Needs

First and foremost, you must determine your storage requirements. Determine its present and future storage needs. Make a list of all chemicals on the premises, including their volume or quantity. You must also ensure that you cover all material types. Examples include liquid gasoline fuels, aerosol can paints, and corrosive acids. This helps you determine which cabinet types are best suited to your specific requirements. Safety storage cabinets are classified into several types based on their capacity. Above all, make certain that materials are separated based on their hazmat classification. It is critical to choose the right cabinets for the material handling elements in your workplace. Following that, we’ll go over the various cabinet types and their functions to assist you in determining which one is best for you.

Know What Material You Should Choose

Not to mention, you must know what material to use for your ppe cabinet Malaysia. The materials used in the construction of storage cabinets can vary greatly depending on the intended chemical. However, stainless steel and polyethylene are the most commonly used materials for professional-grade cabinets.  Both of these materials are extremely strong, long-lasting, and durable. When storing potentially hazardous chemicals, these characteristics are critical. A corrosion-resistant powder coating is used on some of the safety storage cabinets for sale. This layer serves as a secondary line of defense. When a corrosive chemical spills on the cabinet, the powder coating protects it.

Know Your Space Accommodations

You must be aware of the space requirements for your lab. You should also think about the size of a safety storage cabinet. Various capacity and configuration styles will allow you to maximize your available floor space. Determine your company’s storage needs, then choose the appropriate size. Cabinets come in a variety of styles. There are slimline, tower, stackable, under-counter, and wall-mount options available. Most have adjustable shelves for customized storage. It’s a good idea to find out if your state/county has any regulations in place for flammable liquid storage facilities. Other local governments have the authority to appoint cabinet members. Or how many flammable storage cabinets are allowed in a single area? Third-party certifications from independent organizations ensure that a cabinet has passed rigorous storage testing. Examples include Factory Mutual Global (FM) and Underwriters Laboratory (UL). OSHA and NFPA approval is also required when choosing a cabinet.


Finally, you must determine which cabinet will meet your needs for placement in your laboratory. If you use the incorrect cabinet, it will not respond to what the cabinet should do. For more information, you can just simply click this link, ppe cabinet Malaysia.

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