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Top 3 types of services that everyone has all been through

Single point service

This is the most simple service as it also consists of self–serving, but leveraged it to a new level. In these services, the guest will order, pay for the product and get served. All happen limited at a single point which also means there will be no dining areas or seats. Some single-point services include

Kiosks: when the customer will enter their choices and the amount of money physically or virtually, following the instructions displayed on the kiosk’s screen. Then the machine will precisely dispense what the customers asked for. Some of the examples could be self service kiosk for restaurant Malaysia business owners are installing for their facilities. 

Food court: this is an array of counters where people could order, eat, and take away from a variety of different counters and eat in assigned eating areas

Takeaway: as the name suggests, the customers will order and receive their food and beverage from a single counter and enjoy it off the premises. 

Vending: people could get food or beverage service from automatic machines, and vending machines, which are located across the streets, or within industrial canteens, shopping centres, and stations. 

Table service

English or Family Service

Within this section, the host takes most of the responsibility for the service. The writers will bring the food on platters, show it to the customer for approval, and place the platters on the table. Here, the host then makes the portions and serves the guests or asks the waiters to help serve the food portions. To refill the plates, the waiters will then carry the platters around to let the customers help themselves and serve them on demand. 

American or Plate Service

The food here is served on the customer’s plate in the kitchen itself, where the portion is predetermined and the same with other additives like add-ons, colours, and the presentation of the dish. The completely prepared dish will then be brought to the customer tables and this kind of service is common with coffee shops and fast food restaurants where speed is required. 

French Service

This is a rather more personalised and private service as the food will be taken in platters and casseroles, and kept on the table for the customers to help themselves. Resulting from its personalised nature, this is an expensive experience commonly used in fine dining with two variants: 

  • Cart French service: the food here is served and assembled at the tableside and then the guest will select food from the cart while sitting at their tables, often applicable for small groups of VIPs. 
  • Banquet French service: the kitchen will prepare the food and the waiters will serve the food on each individual’s plate from the guest’s left side. The dish will then be refilled as the servers keep the food platters in front of the customers. 

Gueridon Service

For this one, partially cooked food from the kitchen is taken to the Gueridon Trolleys and have it cooked completely. This partial cooking is done beside the guest table for achieving an appearance and aroma of food, and for exhibiting showmanship, enhancing the customer’s experience. It also offers a complete view of food. The waiter needs to perform the role of cook partially and needs to be dexterous. 

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