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Tips To Give A Business A Prominent Identity

When you decide to pursue a business-related dream, you will probably envision its popularity and success as you build it into a worthy and notable enterprise. The truth, however, is that starting and running a business are far from the imagined and romanticised version we often see on our TV’s. There are many components in establishing a business that require practicality for it to succeed. This is not to dissuade you, however it is to ensure that you are equipped with the right knowledge before you embark on your journey. In essence, owning a business requires hard work, and while it may be rewarding, there is always the possibility that it may not turn out the way you wish it to. To help you in your journey, we have compiled some tips for your consideration because your business requires a hook to attract your customer base. 

1.     You Don’t Have To Have A Brand New Business Idea

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The truth is that business is made up of recycled, remodelled and reused ideas all the time. That is why we have a variety of the same things. Society wants options, so we give them choices. Your idea does not have to be original in every aspect of it, but it does have to have an appeal. For example, if you want to start a clothing store, what will be your ‘hook’? What will make your customer-base want to shop at your store instead of the one across the street? Perhaps your store is composed of local clothing companies, or it only sells environmentally friendly and sustainable materials, or it is partnered with companies that produce vegan-friendly wear. Find something that could make your store interesting when your business is brought up in conversations.

2.     A Good Name Goes A Long Way

The name of your business gives a quick and concise peek into what it is about, so choose it carefully. While we do enjoy originality and imagination, the name you pick should not be so long or extravagant that people are not able to remember it. You want your business to be memorable. Think of some of the restaurant names you know, or the famous tech stores lining malls all over the globe. Their names are uncomplicated, easy to say and therefore easy to commit to memory. Furthermore, a good tagline can amplify the name of your business. Consider of the taglines that accompany various food chains. Depending on the type of business you run, a tagline can effectively help make it unique to those who visit it. Giving your business the perfect identity relies, therefore, on how you are perceived by the public you serve.

3.     Increase Your Presence Wherever You Can

Social media has become a crucial component of business, regardless of what it is. It gives you a chance to interact with your customers and potential customers. If your business has an online platform (which most businesses do) then you should be familiar with digital marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This promotes the traffic to your site as more users on the search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing) are able to access it if your site is highly ranked. If you have a site and wish to optimise it, consider talking to an SEO consultant. You could also, perhaps, opening accounts on as many relevant platforms as you can: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. These microblogging platforms are a magnificent tool to accustom yourself to using to grow your business. They further allow people from all over the world to leave comments, or tag other people (or your business) so that your site witnesses an increase in engagement and traffic.

4.     Explore Various Ways Of Advertising

Advertising is where you bring all these components together to make a statement to the public. You want them to see your business and make a remark; have a reaction to it. You want them to interact with it in any way possible, because this increases the chances of an action occurring on the part of the consumer. There are many ways to advertise your business; radio, billboards, jingles, and posters. It is best to work with creatives on your ads because they understand how to attract the public you want to engage with. For instance, young people are more likely to react to humourous, light-hearted material as opposed to elders who prefer a more serious toned and formal advertisement.


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